Learning Your Own Language

Charlene Maguire
3 min readJun 17, 2021

Intuitive Education through Oracle Cards

The Language of Heart Alchemy Oracle Card Deck © Charlene Maguire

I had always wanted to create a deck of oracle cards. Then… it happened. The Language of Heart Alchemy chose me. It helped me move through a very challenging time in my life. Through the process of creating the paintings, the cards and box design, and writing the descriptions I started to learn my own language. I asked questions and listened to what the paint wanted to say on the board, what colors and shapes wanted to be used, what words wanted to be spoken, and how all this wanted to speak through me and be made into a deck of cards.

When the cards were published and sold, it became clear that my “language” could also help others… functioning as a translator for their own intuition. I enjoy doing card readings for others, but do feel that people can become too dependent on that sometimes. People need to learn their own intuitive language. Oracle cards can help.

When doing intuitive readings for others, I use a similar process as the one that came through me to create the cards themselves. As an empath, I tune into another through allowing the energies to reveal themselves to me. Creative symbols, metaphors, images, sounds, words, frequencies, and feelings come through, and then we can play with the wisdom that is presented with the cards.

“Oracles” exist as a means to receive wisdom and guidance, and communicate with source. Receiving a reading from an intuitive or picking up the cards yourself can be like picking up the phone. What is your intention when you go to either one? To communicate. The phone, an intuitive reader, or a deck of oracle cards in itself doesn’t tell you “your fortune” — they are all ways to facilitate a dialog.

The Language of Heart Alchemy Oracle Card Deck © Charlene Maguire

Oracle cards are a system of communication. When you develop a relationship with your favorite deck(s) of cards, over time you’ll learn to trust your own system of language — the symbols, metaphors, and nudges that show up to help guide you. You’ll be able to better navigate through and translate your dominant energy in the moment, and then an alchemy of personal mastery starts to develop. This is something to be playful with, and let…

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